The Council of Thieves

Dress Rehearsal

Impressed by the defeat of the Bastards of Erebus, the leaders of the Children of Westcrown ask the group to meet with one of their greatest allies—Pathfinder Member Ailyn Ghontasavos. Ailyn believes that the key to vanquishing the shadow beasts that stalk Westcrown’ streets at night lies somewhere deep in Westcrown’s sealed Pathfinder Lodge, but before anyone should dare brave the grounds of this building, the keys to its locks and the history of what actually befell the lodge must be recovered—keys and history kept safe within the vault of Westcrown’s leadership. In order to infiltrate the mayor’s manor and search it for these keys and notes, the group must join a theatrical troupe, pose as actors, and brave a play no one has ever survived in order to be invited into the mayor’s home to celebrate the production’s success.

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