The Council of Thieves

Rise, Children of Westcrown

Contacted by Janiven Key, the characters met at Vizio’s Tavern to discuss a business offer. After enjoying a meal together, a tense Janiven invited the party to join a resistance faction known as the Children of Westcrown. The meeting was interrupted by an out-of-breath Vennik Carr claiming that Arael, the leader of the resistance, had been captured by the Westcrown’s city guard. Within moments, a force of Hellknights descended on the tavern, forcing everyone to flee into Westcrown’s sewers through a secret trapdoor in the tavern’s kitchen.

After encounters with the sewer system’s less pleasant denizens and a group of Hellknight recruits, the party made its way to the Children of Westcrown’s safehouse, an abandoned shrine to Aroden in Rego Sacero.

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