Vennik Carr


Deronthief 4
Vennik Carr
Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Urban Ranger) 1 Rogue 1
CG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init + 6, Senses Perception + 7
AC 17, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+ 3 armor, + 4 Dex)
hp 16 (1d10+ 1d8+ 4)
Fort + 4, Ref + 8, Will + 2
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Shortsword + 3 (1d6+ 3/19- 20/x2) and
Sickle + 3 (1d6+ 1/20/x2) or
Unarmed Strike + 5 (1d3+ 3/20/x2)
Special Attacks Sneak Attack + 1d6
Ranger (Urban Ranger) Spells Known (CL 0, 4 melee touch, 5 ranged touch):
Str 16, Dex 19, Con 15, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 13
Base Atk + 1, CMB + 4, CMD 18
Feats: Rogue Weapon Proficiencies, Two-weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse
Traits: Child of the Streets, Reactionary
Skills Acrobatics + 8, Appraise + 8, Bluff + 5, Climb + 7, Diplomacy + 5, Disable Device + 9, Escape Artist + 3, Heal + 6, Intimidate + 5, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) + 9, Knowledge (Local) + 9, Perception + 7, Ride + 3, Sense Motive + 7, Sleight of Hand + 9, Stealth + 8, Survival + 6, Swim + 2
Languages Abyssal, Common, Elven, Halfling, Infernal
SQ Enemies: Humanoids (Human) (+ 2 bonus) (Ex), Track + 1, Trapfinding + 1, Wild Empathy + 2 (Ex)
Combat Gea:r Shortsword, Sickle, Studded Leather;
Enemies: Humanoids (Human) (Ex) + 2 to rolls vs Humanoids (Human).
Sneak Attack + 1d6 damage if you flank your target or your target is flat-footed.
Track + 1 to survival checks to track.
Trapfinding + 1 to find or disable traps.
Wild Empathy + 2 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.



Vennik had a happy and healthy childhood up until the time he was around 8. His father he knew as a trader would leave the house at night to go trading. Vennik always wanted to go but was always told he was not old enough. That did not stop him. He would go to his room and and wait for the noise of the door to signal his fathers departure. His mother was always to busy with his younger sister to check on him so he would begin what he termed his shadow time. He would exit his window and shimmy down the gutters and pretend to be a shadow. He would follow his father and discovered that his father was not trading, but was in fact involved in the freeing the “child people” as Vennik would call them.

After following him for several weeks, Vennik found that he could move a silently as a cloud he could track a raven on a cloudy day. But on the night of courage he rounded a corner to get a better look near the entrance to the sewers he noticed his father standing surrounded by six hell knights. The time seemed to slow as he noticed the guard behind his father begin to pull his sword. Before he could stop him self, he yelled “Father, behind you” his father moved with the quickness of a cat and ducked; pulling out two swords from what appeared to be the shadow and rolled forward avoiding the sure kill shot and gut stabbing two of the guards. Another came in from his side and he mearly sideswiped his sword and used the guard as a shiled while he stabbed another guard in the throat as he moved in. He then found himself facing 3 knights. Vennik’s father held them off and dropped two more and the third was in dire straights when a man in black stepped from the shadows and stabbed his father in the lung causing silent death to his father.

The man in black looked at Vennik winked and seemed to vanish in the night. The last knight was the seargent of this group and started to walk toward him. Vennik turned and ran for his life as the knight yelled “You can run, but I know where you live”. Vennik ran home and through the front door paniced and sweating. His mother saw the fear in his eyes and knew what happened. “Get to the cellar Vennik and follow the passage to the north until you see a carved symbol, you will be safe there”. He ran and ran and followed his mothers directions. Then everything went black. He awoke looking up to Janiven “You will be safe now”. The following night he journeyed to his home to discover it had been burned down. While going through the ruble he found his mother and sisters bodies. While he sobbed, tears flowed down his cheek he then noticed a third body about the size af a 8 year old or possible a child person.

For the first few years after his familys death he didn’t talk much and he ran errands for patrons at local pubs. He did odd jobs for merchants and he became know and was used for more important task. One day, while following someone for the local loan shark, he found himself in a pub with a roudy bunch of hellknights celebrating one of there owns promotion. As he looked in thier direction he noticed the one hellknight who changed his life. He found his way moving through the crowd he approached the table and gave a half hearted attept to steal some food off the table. The hellknight noticed him and grabbed his collar and held him up and pulled out a dagger with his other hand. With a sluggish move he dragged the dagger across Vennik’s eye while he heard his friends cheering. The Hellknight tossed him across the room. Vennik got up slowly, while hiding a smile as he exited the building. He then moved to the window near the knights table he heard one of the knights propose a toast to thier new boss the all clanged glass. The next thing he heard was a choking sound and the large knight crashing to the floor. Vennik played his shadow game while twirling an empty vile in his hand. This scar will just be a reminder of the day he got his life back.

Vennik soon became known within certain circles of the city of Westgate as a lighthearted youth, with a heart of gold.

Vennik Carr

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